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Gratitude Meditation

Wear comfortable clothing and set up a quiet and nurturing space as much as you can before you start. (Light your favorite candle, bring in your crystal ally or a plant ally, burn some sage to clear old energies). Have with you a glass of fresh drinking water. Put on some soft music if you like and close your eyes.


Go inward and do a quick body scan: notice how your body is feeling in this moment. Where are the places of tightness or pain, tension or discomfort? Where is there more flow in the body? Can you sense the softer, more relaxed places in your body? What is your breath like? Put your hands on your belly and take several deep breaths from your belly, noticing as it rises and falls. 


"Thank you, my dear body, for everything that you do for me. Thank you for all your hard work in keeping me healthy and balanced. Thank you for my sense of vitality and well-being."


Take several more deep breaths from your core. Pick one or two places where you might be feeling tension or discomfort, and send some love there. Picture a pink ray of light shooting from your heart chakra into these places. Now bring your attention back to your breath and notice how your body feels.


Without opening your eyes, bring your attention gently back to the room. Feel your full presence in the room in this moment. Notice how it feels to sit where you are sitting. Notice any sounds or smells. If you are working with a crystal ally, put it in your hands now and see how it feels, what its texture is like against your skin. Now bring your attention to your back. You are going to call in your support team now by visualizing them standing behind you, at your back. These may be your Higher Self, animal guides, Ascended Masters, some of your ancestors, angels, biblical figures, plant spirits, fairies, some of your loved ones who have crossed over, or some of your loved ones who are still here, such as your friends, partners, teachers, or anyone you have found support and guidance in – whoever feels right. ** See if you can be still for a moment and really listen for who you feel pulled to call upon in this moment, for this particular meditation. ** You may have a huge group show up, or you may just need one or two supports at your back that day – see what feels right to you.


Once you have them there, notice what that is like – to have them all behind you, supporting you in this space.


"Thank you all, each and every one of you, for your help, guidance and support. I am so grateful for your presence here today and for your love."


Put both hands on your heart chakra in the middle of your chest (one hand on top of the other, or one right above the other), and focus on your heart. Be with your heart right now, and notice how your heart is doing. Now ask yourself this query: what would it feel like right now if my heart was a little more open? Take several deep breaths and notice any sensations in your chest area. Now once again bring your attention back to your support team behind you.


"Thank you for all of your compassion, guidance and unconditional love. Thank you for being here for me."


See if you can allow the love and support from behind you to flow through your back and into your heart. You can picture it as a light gently traveling toward you. Can you distinguish its color? As it makes contact with your back, you may feel some heat or a tingling sensation. Then it is slowly spreading into and through you, first filling your heart to the brim – take in some full and unapologetic breaths here. You deserve to feel this in your heart, this fullness, this love. Now picture it slowly spreading outward, filling your neck, your face and head, spreading out through your arms and into your hands. It is also traveling downward through your stomach and hips, and into your legs to the tips of your toes. There may be a warmth that comes with it, or a coolness, a vibrating sensation, or a glowing. Notice any sign of movement through your body. Once you are completely filled with this light from the inside, visualize it spreading outward and forming a halo all around you. Now notice it expanding even more, about a foot or two around you. Now it is getting even bigger and filling up the room you are in.


Come back to your breath now and take several deep breaths from your belly. Notice the quality of the air and any smells you may perceive.


"Thank you for this air I breathe. Thank you for every breath in this moment and always. Thank you for this life."


Continue to breathe from your core. You are breathing in life itself, and breathing out your gratitude for it. Practice this for several breath cycles.


When you are ready, slowly open your eyes and take the glass of fresh water into your hands. Hold it for a while and look at it, really take it in with your eyes.


"Thank you for this pure and beautiful water. Thank you, Mother Earth (or insert what feels right here) for this precious gift."


As you put the glass to your lips, prepare to take in life force and vitality, as that is what water is. Drink it slowly and mindfully as you feel it traveling through your body and energizing your whole being.


Now bring your attention back to yourself, the room you are in, and the present moment. Thank everyone who joined you on this day to support you (including your crystal and plant allies, the space, your support team, etc). Feel into the gratitude for all the gifts you received today. Close the space.  


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