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I am a queer, transgender, first-generation Jewish immigrant from Russia. I have been on a lifelong journey of learning, healing and growing. My story is beautiful and complex, heartbreaking and hopeful. When I sit with people, I always listen for their story and the common themes in it, the experiences that shaped them. I feel honored to bear witness to their journey, to sit with them in their pain, their joy, their shame and their hope or their lack of hope. 


I hold a special place in my heart for working with folks who have also been affected by displacement, and who struggle with finding a sense of community and belonging. By looking together at how the multiple layers of your identity and life experiences have shaped you, we can reflect on your strengths and resiliencies. We can then shine some light together on those parts of you that need healing, and help you release any blocks that prevent you from showing up fully as your most authentic self.


I provide a safe and nurturing healing space where you can do your most difficult and vulnerable work. I want you to take your time and go at a pace that feels right to you. When we enter this work together, we also enter a relationship. In this relationship, you are important, your needs are valued, you are free to express yourself, and you feel empowered to be in charge of your own healing.  


My style is fairly informal and personable. I bring my playfulness, creativity, intuition and my passion for doing this transformative kind of work. I draw on a number of different approaches and modalities, and sessions with me might look different depending on where you are and what you might be needing at the time. One thing I always strive for is to bring my full self into the room, as well as a grounded, centered presence that will help guide the work.  

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